Trade-in car – Additional coverage.

Additional coverage – enjoy carefree kilometers

Unexpected repair costs are always annoying. For a used car, you can opt in for an additional security at a low price that provides extensive coverage for repair costs if the car you buy from us breaks down unexpectedly.

You can get additional cover for 12-36 months. You don’t have to worry about how much you drive, since the contract does not include an annual mileage limit.

The service suits consumer and business customers alike for passenger cars or vans.

Fragus Complete – additional coverage costs:

12 months24 months36 months
All combustion engine cars6999491 399
Plug-in hybridi- and electric vehicles79911991 499
*does not include: Jaguar, Dodge, Land Rover and Jeep
(Ask our salesmen for more details)

GOSafe Complete covers all mechanical and electronic components, excluding restraints.

UPPER LIMIT: Max 10 years / 200 000 km.
DEDUCTIBLE: No deductible
UPPER LIMIT FOR REPAIRS: 10 000 € / year

Service advisor, Jerry Räikkönen, talking to a customer on the phone

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